About Us

Ruth Baker, Frank Baker, Ruth and Frank Baker, The Bakers, Ruth and Frank Baker together,

Ruth and Frank Baker Have been working in the home furnishing industry for 30 years. Their knowledge of the market and product design gives them the edge. They provide a detailed and personal service to buyers on the site and for interior designers needing resources for design projects. 

"Creating unique environments in the home enriches the lives of the whole family. Living with art has a comforting effect on the hearts and minds of the people who surround it, whether it's in your home, office or restaurant. A mural in a child's room creates an inspirational environment the child can be proud of. This sense of pride echoes in other areas of the child's life, having a lasting emotional effect". Ruth Baker


Custom wall coverings and mural design.

Hand-painted trompe l'oeil.  

Hand-painted one-off canvases.